The Mice of Moresby

Please help us get it right

Welcome to the 55|53 Battalion Association Website

Clearly there is a lot of data that has been assembled over time, by several people, and no doubt there is more to go. If you see something that is missing of wrong, please let us know. With the best will in the world there will always be some errors in copying this data, and bits that we have missed. There are many soldiers we we have vague ideas about a date of death and nothing specific. If you have an actual date of death that would help. The Honor Roll if perhaps the easiest place to check what basic information we have on a soldier.

Remember this site is a share community resource for all of us, so it is you site as much as anybody else's, so if you see something wrong please help us get is right. The easiest way to let us know will be from the contact form on the contact page.

This is our Story

This is our story, but our story is not one story, but many, and each soldiers story, and each soldiers sacrifice contributes to the whole story.